Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to SwissNet, Inc.

SwissNet, Inc. was created to inform people about business and technological opportunities in Switzerland. You will find us on our website and on our groups at Ecademy, LinkedIn and XING.

If you are interested in Switzerland as a business location, SwissNet, Inc. can help you target this market} With Switzerland's economic resources, Switzerland is one of the top global economic actors. The process of basing a foreign business in Switzerland involves a large number of strategic decisions and administrative tasks. SwissNet Inc. is here to support you by providing the type of preliminary information you will need.

Switzerland, as a country, has excellent structures to enhance your global success strategy.

The Swiss markets offers you access to the German, French and Italian markets and you will be able to test and succeed large global markets. Whether you are selling in Switzerland or you working in Switzerland, SwissNet, Inc. can advise you how to expand and how to find
new contacts, leads and sales on a global scale!

SwissNet, Inc. has the expertise, the cultural background, and the business know-how
to help you achieve your personal and professional aspirations.

Become our partner, associate or ambassador wherever you are!

Just enter into contact with us in clicking here and filling out the questionnaire.

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