Friday, May 1, 2009

Google offers free Google Profile business cards

Google is teaming up with to give away, as in free, 10,000 sets of 25 Google profile business cards. Added missing link to offer you a free business card that links to your Google Profile.

Control how others see you via Google Profile

It’s part of a promotion for Google’s new Profiles, the company’s free vanity website offering that’s part lifestream, part “Online HQ” for people. You get a URL such as mine that is:

It’s simple. Sign up for a Google profile, easy to do if you already have a Google account, which everyone seems to these days, and fill out as much info as you deem necessary. You will have an instant control over the search result for your name. Once you confirm the information on the card and fill in your shipping and email information, you’ll get your personal Google profile business cards in 10-12 days. Remember, the promo is only available for people who have an address in the United States of America.

How do you like Google's initiative to create Google Profile

Do you think Google is competing stronger against Facebook in having created this offering?


  1. Hmm, I am not sure, but I'll try it.
    Look for it on ~W~ Neil's Astute Paradox Free Webpage webring.
    Thank you
    ~W~ Neil

  2. Since this promo is avaible for people who have address in United States of America, we have nothing remains to be done
    with regards