Monday, April 5, 2010

Do You Use StatusNet As A Microblogging Platform?

StatusNet Cloud Service Opens To The Public

Are you looking for an optimal solution to handle your Twitter account?

If so, have a look at statusNet!

StatusNet can be the solution for you! SocialOomph offers you full support for this federated microblogging platform.  StatusNet is an inter-connected network of microblogging sites, which use open source software to run a Twitter-like microblogging service.  You can join any of the sites in the network and follow the updates of any user on any of the other sites, right there in your one account on one site. StatusNet sites tend to be niche-oriented, which means people with common interests tend to flock to one particular site. Since it is a distributed solution, overall performance is far better. If one site is having a technical problem, it does not affect the other sites in the network at all. These sites are owned and run by completely different people. The only thing they have in common is that they use the free StatusNet software to drive their sites.
With a StatusNet integration you can schedule recurring tweets, send broadcast DMs to all your followers, synchronize your friends and followers lists, and perform other actions without fear. You define how you want to use their system.
You can run your own microblogging site if you want to. Soon you will be able to get a hosted solution from StatusNet, using your own domain name, so that you don't even have to worry about servers and software installation. Check out their site at and reserve the name you want right now, while the hosted solution is in private beta phase.

Here is a sampling of such sites:

There is a comprehensive list of sites here:

SocialOomph integrates with aLL these StatusNet sites, and all future StatusNet sites, including your own. Have a look at a href=""> to see all about the features that are available. You also can view a date-sorted integrated timeline of your mentions and retweets across Twitter and all StatusNet sites on one page. StausNet grows one person at a time, and that requires your participation.

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