Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twitter PPC ads to appear in Google’s real time SERPs

Twitter PPC ads to appear in Google’s real time SERPs - Vertical Leap

Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) will soon boast another form of paid search engine marketing - not in the typical AdWords slot but in ostensibly organic results. However, whilst this may seem like a breach of the company’s long-held ethics on transparency and relevancy, there is one caveat: these ads are from an entirely different network – Twitter.

According to a report in Marketing Magazine, Twitter’s new sponsored search feature – “Promoted Tweets” – are expected to appear in Google’s SERPs alongside other tweets in the real-time search service, Updates.

This will mark the first time that Google has allowed ads from other networks to appear in its search listings and could potentially be seen as a betrayal of their previous clear distinction between advertising and search results.

However any such criticism would seem somewhat unfounded, as Promoted Tweets appear in this format in any Twitter search results – and Google Updates is, effectively, simply delivering results from that internal search engine to a wider audience.

Marketing Magazine reports that Google and Twitter are believed to share the revenue generating from the PPC-basis Promoted Tweets when they are displayed in Google-powered SERPs. This tie-up has been called a “breakthrough” by Nick Jones, managing director of I Spy Marketing.

“Twitter is pioneering advertising against short-form content, so it was a natural starting place for us,” said a spokeswoman for Google, adding that the company was always willing to explore other advertising models and systems.

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